Wedding Gift Wreath – Kitchen Utensils.

28 Jun

Wedding Wreath of Kitchen Utensils

My co-worker got married this past Saturday so we had a mini wedding party for her at work.  I knew that the others were buying her new pots and pans so I decided to make her a special wedding wreath with kitchen utensils.  All the items used to make the wreath were purchased at the Dollar Tree.  It came out a lot better than I anticipated.   My co-worker told me I made it too nice because her new hubby did not want to take the untensils off and ruin it.

You will need:

  • 1 Pool Noodle
  • 1 Roll of White Masking Tape
  • 3 Rolls of White Tulle
  • 2 Bunches of White Fake Flowers
  • An assortment of Kitchen Utensils (I used:  spatula, set of silicon spatulas, slotted spoon, regular spoon, potato masher, ladle, strainer ladle, wooden spoon set, measuring cups w spoon set, spoon rest, cheese grater, vegetable peeler, small mesh colander set.)
  1. As seen in the Tornado Costume tutorial, roll a cardboard tube into a thin roll so that they can fit inside the hole of the pool noodle. Place one inside the pool noodle and connect both ends to the cardboard roll to create a ring. Secure the joined with masking tape.
  2. So the color of the pool noodle does not take away from the beauty of the wreath, wrap the entire pool noodle wreath with masking tape.
  3. Take one of the rolls of tulle and wrap it around the noodle. You will need to tie it off at both the beginning and the end.
  4. Cut the other 2 rolls of tulle into 8-10 inch strips.  They do not have to be exact.  I eyeballed it.
  5. Using the tulle strips, begin tying the kitchen utensils in a creative pattern so that the utensil sits inside the wreath.
  6. Once all the utensils are tied to the wreath, tie the utensils to each other with tulle strips so that when you pick the wreath up, the utensils stay in place.  (I would tie 3 together at different angles.)
  7. Separate the flowers so that they each have their own stem.  Slide the stem through the tulle ties on the wreath to arrange the flowers on the wreath.
  8. Using the tulle strips to tie the flowers in place on the wreath.
  9. Use the remaining tulle strips to decorate the noodle part of the wreath and give it more thickness.

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