About the ADDled

We are a ADDled family.  I am a divorced mom with ADHD of two wonderful and exciting children also with ADHD, one of which also has Asperger’s.  I have full custody of my children and their father lives half a country away and only contacts them on their birthdays.

This blog is going to be a way I can share the things I have learned, done, explored, enjoyed, been frustrated by and more by raising two children with ADHD as a single mom with ADHD.  Our lives continue to be a great adventure with each day bringing new fun, excitement, and chaos.

NOTE:  With the change from DSM-IV to DSM-V my son’s Asperger’s has been changed to Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Great resource for teachers, parents, children, and family members dealing with ADHD:

ADDitude Magazine: Provides clear, accurate, user-friendly information and advice from the leading experts and practitioners in mental health and learning.

CHADD: A non-profit organization serving individuals with ADHD and their families in the Untied States.

National Resouce Center on ADHD: Provides comprehensive information and support to individuals with ADHD, their families and friends, and the professionals involved in their lives.

ADDA – Attention Deficit Disorder Association – Provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder lead better lives.

ADHD Coaches Organization: Supports the value of coach-specific training, as well as education in the field of ADHD and ADHD coaching, as critical to the effective practice of ADHD coaching.

ADHD Awareness Week: A week set aside every year to promote awareness of ADHD. It is sponsored by a coalition of the above groups.

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