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Pinewood Derby – The Tardis Car

3 Mar

This past weekend was my son’s final Pinewood Derby before crossing over to Boy Scouts.  For his final car, he wanted something spectacular.  He had me make him “stickers” at work to go on his car to make it look professional.  When I say “stickers”, I mean pieces of plastic with 3M backing engraved into the design pieces he wanted.

Revell makes official BSA wheels in more than just black that comes with the kit you receive from the Cub Scout.  He opted for the Blue but you could also buy red and yellow.  Seeing how his mom can craft but not really whittle wood, we also bought the Funny Car body.  The paints were on sale for 88¢ at A.C. Moore.  We used Folk Art Metallic Blue Sapphire and Folk Art Metallic Silver Anniversary.  He won a medal from Most Futuristic Car and earned the 3rd place trophy for his Den.

Tardis Car

The Tardis Car

Most Futuristic Car

Of course, his sibling made their own car as well because threy felt it wasn’t fair that the Girl Scouts didn’t have a derby too.  They layered their paints.  the bottom 2 coats were Folk Art Pearl Aqua Moire and then it was topped with Folk Art Extreme Glitter  Aqua.  They glued seed beads that we had to make snowflakes.  The window was done using their brother’s paint.

Frozen Car

The Frozen Car

Organizing Boy Scouts – Forms for Webelos, Belt Loops, and Pins

22 Oct

Webelo-ReeMy son is now a Webelo 2 Cub Scout.  Over the past year, to make understanding and organizing all the achievements, belt loops, and pins easier for a disorganized child with ADHD to keep track of his progress, I made worksheets to go with many of the requirements.

Here are the forms I have made. I will continue to add more as I make them or find where I saved them.

Webelo Achivements:
Athlete 1
Athlete 2
Athlete 3
Athlete 4 5 6 7 8 9

Family Member 1
Family Member 2
Family Member 3
Family Member 4
Family Member 5
Family Member 6

Naturalist 9

Outdoorsman 10
Outdoorsman 11

Readyman 1a
Readyman 1bc
Readyman 2
Readyman 3

Scholar 5
Scholar 10
Scholar 12

Showman 12
Showman 20
Showman 21
Showman 23

Sportsman 1
Sportsman 2

Academic Belt Loops:
Astronomy Belt Loop 3

Language Culture Belt Loop 2
Language Culture Belt Loop 3

Mathematics Belt Loop 1
Mathematics Belt Loop 2
Mathematics Belt Loop 3

Sports Belt Loops:
Baseball Belt Loop 1
Basketball Belt Loop 1
Badminton Belt Loop 1
Bicycling Belt Loop 1
Bowling Belt Loop 1
Kickball Belt Loop 1
Soccer Belt Loop 1
Softball Belt Loop 1
Table Tennis Belt Loop 1
Tennis Belt Loop 1
Ultimate Belt Loop 1

Academic Pins:
Family Travel Pin Requirement 7
Heritages Pin Requirement 10

Nova Awards(About the Nova Awards Program):
123 Go Nova Award
Science Everywhere Nova Award
Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award