Summer Reading – Chalk Kick Off

27 Jun

Chalk-Full Picture w artisitSo tonight we had our local library’s summer reading annual chalk kick-off.  This event invites the kids to come and decorate a rectangle or square of concrete in front of the library with chalk.  My picky 7-year-old artist wanted these new Crayola sidewalk chalk set that boasts to have crayon like colors.  Wow, did they ever!  My little Whovian had a blast and created, what the local new website called:  a Doctor Who poster.

The chalk was truly amazing.  The colors were vivid and with 48 of them, they had plenty to work with to create her masterpiece.  They just really wished there was more black to do the outlines.

Chalk-Full PictureArtist studies her subjectChalk-AdiposeTardisChalk-Artist slecting her colors

After the event we had an appointment and my 10-year-old had fun trying to figure out how this thing worked:


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