The Doctor Who Birthday

23 Apr

My son’s gift reflected what any new 10 year old would want when they are a Doctor Who fan.  He received a Doctor Who Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver Kit, Doctor Who Plash Talking Blue Dalek, Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia , and Doctor Who Character Building Monsters Multi-Pack. With a few giftcard for now, he will be on the road to more Doctor Who.  The cake toppers were a huge hit both at school with the store bought cookie cake and at home for the family cake.

Tristan Cake 2 Tristan Cake 1

I also used photoshop to make custom birthday cards from myself and his sibling.



Along with a telescope(I got for a steal right after Christmas for $1.99), a 6-in-1 robot kit(Five Below), an Excalibur Remote Controlled ORB(I got on clearance for $12), and the gifts from the family, I would say he had a great birthday.

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