Childhood Dream Comes True

22 Aug

“Kelly” and I have been close friends since the 5th grade. We met for the first time in the 1st grade, we were in Bluebirds together and, when that disbanded in our area, Brownies into Girl Scouts together.  We survived camping trips in the winter, road trips to D.C. and Boston.  It was at this point we started 7th grade in the very same class that the stories began.

We had special packets made up of stapled looseleaf paper.  We would write out great novels during 1st period, switch to read what the other wrote in 2nd period, switch back in 3rd and so on.  For an entire school year shared out silly stories with characters ripped right out of our tweenage experiences like General Hospital, V, 21 Jump Street, and WWF(now WWE) wrestlers.

Kelly has recently published her first novel and it is available at Amazon both is e-book format and paperback.  I could not be more proud of my friend.  So check out her debut novel, Remember Me?  by Kelly Janicello.

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