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Frozen Pipes – Part 2

30 Mar

I am still writing the next part of the ComicCon posts but today we took a break to go the county Youthfest. While there Suuki had a chance to perform “Let It Go” as part of their event karaoke presentation rather than a talent show like last time. While they was singing, people started popping up from all over the event to see who was singing. After they finished, a man approached us and identified himself as one of the main organizers. He asked if they would like to sing the National Anthem at next year’s event. They have been floating on a cloud ever since.

On related a note, I read an interesting article at The Mary Sue about how Frozen has become one of the top 10 grossing movies of all time by earning $1.072 Billion dollars. Becky Chambers asked in her article “Will we ever stop hearing covers of “Let It Go”?” Well, Becky, as long as 8 year old love to sing it everywhere they go. Not anytime soon. Hehe, it really was a good thing for us.

Frozen Pipes – School Talent Show

19 Jan

Suuki was in her school talent show on Friday night. They sang “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, not the Demi Lovato version but the Idina Menzel version. We were able to find a suitable costume on Etsy, the shoes came from Sears, the crown was from Five Below, the glove was from the Dollar Tree, and the necklace was from A.C. Moore.

Here is their full costume:

Skyler as Elsa

Here is their performance: