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Happy Thanksgiving and Wreck-It Ralph

22 Nov

When flying monkeys attack!

I found some gift cards to AMC Theatres in my wallet. It is nice to find extra money. There was $32 on the cards combined so I was able to take the kids to see Wreck-It Ralph. I figured that Thanksgiving morning was a great time to go because most people would be home getting food ready. We are going to my sister’s house and I prepped everything we needed last night.

The kids loved the movie. Suuki said, “More awesomer than awesome. And even more amazinger than amazing.” All in all I think that is a pretty good review. They got a bit scared at some parts and held my hand.  From an ADHD standpoint the movie kept their interest the whole time.  There was no complaining or even bathroom breaks.  Even the soundtrack kept Suuki from wanting to leave until the credits fully finished.

When we left they both posed with some of the cut-outs for upcoming movies.

Boy, that Gandalf is one really tall guy!

After we headed to my sister’s for her annual Thanksgiving dinner tradition. We were light on the usual 40 people the 18 of us managed. I made a veggie tray to try and keep my Thanksgiving light and

My “thing” for family events is making an unusual but fun dessert. In the past I have made dessert sushi, rainbow jello, PB&J cake, chestnut cakes, pumpkin pudding, etc. This year I made a Kit-Kat cake which looks amazing but is really simple to put together. Make either a chocolate or vanilla round cake. (I made the white cake.) Frost with your favorite icing. (I used white icing as well.) Fencing the entire cake in with Kit Kats. I found the regular size too big so I used the size you give out on Halloween. The frosting acts like glue for the Kit Kats. Wrap the cake with a holiday themed ribbon to hold it together and to make it look fancy. Top the entire cake with m&m candies. I picked out the blue and green ones so that there were only fall colors for Thanksgiving. If you are partial to peanut butter you can also use Reese’s Pieces. It came out really cute.

Out traditions on any holiday includes and overload of desserts, more than any human can actually consume.  This year with so many missing we thought we had a manageable amount but, alas, we were still left with a ton of extra sweet goodness.

The only sad note of the day was that their father didn’t call them for Thanksgiving. The kids tried to call him but his phone kept going right to voicemail. Tristan was more okay with this than Skyler. He said that daddy never asks him questions anyways so it was okay but Skyler was really upset.

Parent Visitation at School

13 Nov

Today was the parent visitation at school. I spent about 20 minutes in each classroom. It was interesting to see the writings of all the children outside each classroom on the bulletin boards. I started out at the 4th grade where the children had to write a speech as if they were running for president.

T’s speech:

I will make a very good president of the U.S.A. I’m very smart because my last report card made me an A+ student and I will use my brains to prevent anything that will lead me to going mad with power. I’m very nice because on my 9th birthday I swore not to kill a single living soul unless it was a life or death situation. I’m also strong because I’m only 9 and can lift 20lbs of metal!

I have 3 main goals for my campaign. I will put a ban on smoking across the U.S.A. I will lower 50% of taxes. I will create A.D.H.D Awareness Month.

Think about all the famous people with A.D.H.D., like Michael Phelps, well, I have A.D.H.D. too!

Then it was off to the 1st grade where they wrote what they were most thankful for in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Suuki’s thanks:

I am thankful for nature because it is so nice and I love it and it is so beautiful. I ♥ everything green in nature and more.