TARDIS Birthday Cake & Math-A-Thon

24 Apr

mathathonIt was my son’s birthday yesterday. His birthday wish is really sweet. It is too raise $500 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the Math-A-thon.  So please feel free to donate to such a worthy cause.

Time is short this year so I needed a quicker cake to make for my son’s birthday.  No Dalek Cake Toppers this year.


Here is a pretty simple TARDIS cake that anyone can make.


  • 2 small Tootsie Rolls (I used the Vanilla Midges)
  • 1 Wilton White Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper
  • 1 Black Wilton Icing Color 1oz
  • 1 Royal Blue Wilton Icing Color 1oz
  • 1 Wilton White Icing Writer™
  • 1 Black Pearlized Sugar Pearl Sprinkles 5oz
  • 1 Cake Mix (Any flavor)
  • 2 tubs of White Frosting


  1. Bake the cake mix according to the instructions.  Be sure to use a rectangular pan.
  2. Put one of the tubs of frosting in a small mixing bowl.  Using the Royal Blue Wilton Icing Color mix in the color a bit at a time until you reach TARDIS blue.
  3. Unwrap the tootsie rolls and knead them to soften. Pull 2 small strips off to shape into door handles.   Shape the rest into the light for the top of the TARDIS.
  4. Take the Wilton White Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper and on the plastic side draw the shape of the TARDIS windows and 2 police box(call box & pull to open shapes) signs.  Using a clean pair of scissor or sharp tipped knife, cut out your shapes.
  5. Make sure your cake is cool.   Using the white frosting, light frosting the outside of the cake and then place the entire cake in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  6. Take your chilled cake and frost completely with the TARDIS-blue frosting.
  7. Take a little of the white frosting and mix it into the TARDIS-blue frosting to give you a lighter shade.  Place the Tootsie Roll light at the top of your TARDIS cake and frost it with the lighter blue.
  8. Peel your cut outs off their plastic baking and place on the cake.
  9. Using the Black Wilton Icing Color 1oz, paint the top police box sign black.  If you have a fine detail brush, you might try to paint the pull to open sign as well.  Let dry. (Note:  Make sure either the brush is new or only used on non-toxic paints.)
  10. Using the Wilton White Icing Writer™, draw the square door panels on the cake and write ‘Happy Birthday’ or another message on the black police box sign.
  11. Take you 2 small tootsie roll handles and press into place.
  12. Take 1 Black Pearlized Sugar Pearl Sprinkles 5oz and press into place for the door lock. (I still had my jar from the Dalek Cake Toppers.)

If you do have extra time, making a few Dalek to accent the cake would be really fun.

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