Brains…..Brains….Brain Day

24 Mar
03092014 Brain Day

I apologize for the blurry picture but my camera is slowly dying.

Sunday March 9th was Brain Day at the Nathan Kline Institute.  It was a nice kick off to Brain Awareness Week which is from March 10 – March 16 this year.  I knew that my scientist would have a blast but even my diva had a great time as well.  With both ADHD and Asperger’s related to the brain, it is very important for us to know more about how brains works and how we can help those with differences in how their brains work.

I knew my scientist would love it but there was fun to be had by my diva as well.  They had many sctitivies for the kids but the highlight was being able to touch a real human brain.  They explained to the kids that someone special donated their brain to science so that we could study it.  There were 3 brains to study:  a whole brain, a brain sliced down the middle, and the cerebellum.

For more information on the Brain or Brain events:

BioEd Online – Science Teach Resources from Baylor College of Medicine

Child Mind Institute

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives

Neuroscience for Kids

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