Organizing Boy Scouts – Forms for Webelos, Belt Loops, and Pins

22 Oct

Webelo-ReeMy son is now a Webelo 2 Cub Scout.  Over the past year, to make understanding and organizing all the achievements, belt loops, and pins easier for a disorganized child with ADHD to keep track of his progress, I made worksheets to go with many of the requirements.

Here are the forms I have made. I will continue to add more as I make them or find where I saved them.

Webelo Achivements:
Athlete 1
Athlete 2
Athlete 3
Athlete 4 5 6 7 8 9

Family Member 1
Family Member 2
Family Member 3
Family Member 4
Family Member 5
Family Member 6

Naturalist 9

Outdoorsman 10
Outdoorsman 11

Readyman 1a
Readyman 1bc
Readyman 2
Readyman 3

Scholar 5
Scholar 10
Scholar 12

Showman 12
Showman 20
Showman 21
Showman 23

Sportsman 1
Sportsman 2

Academic Belt Loops:
Astronomy Belt Loop 3

Language Culture Belt Loop 2
Language Culture Belt Loop 3

Mathematics Belt Loop 1
Mathematics Belt Loop 2
Mathematics Belt Loop 3

Sports Belt Loops:
Baseball Belt Loop 1
Basketball Belt Loop 1
Badminton Belt Loop 1
Bicycling Belt Loop 1
Bowling Belt Loop 1
Kickball Belt Loop 1
Soccer Belt Loop 1
Softball Belt Loop 1
Table Tennis Belt Loop 1
Tennis Belt Loop 1
Ultimate Belt Loop 1

Academic Pins:
Family Travel Pin Requirement 7
Heritages Pin Requirement 10

Nova Awards(About the Nova Awards Program):
123 Go Nova Award
Science Everywhere Nova Award
Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award


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