Doctor Who – 50 Years of Timey Whimey

13 Jan
Tristan as 10th Doctor

Tristan as the 10th Doctor.

In 1963, William Hartnell began a tradition that would last 50 years when he starred as the Doctor in the very first episode of Doctor Who. Hartnell’s illness would lead the writers to find a creative way to let Hartnell’s Doctor leave the show but not the Doctor himself. Thus, regeneration, or renewal as it was called back then, was born and Patrick Troughton became the second Doctor. One simple fix for a sick actor lead to the ability for Doctor Who to live on to see its 50th Anniversary this year.

One bit of exciting news for this anniversary is that five of the past Doctors and a few of their companions will be returning for an audio adventure entitled The Light at the End. Tom Baker(4th), Peter Davison(5th), Colin Baker(6th), Sylvester McCoy(7th) and Paul McGann(8th) have all been confirmed to voice their version of the Doctor. The companions who have been confirmed to voice their characters so far are Louise Jameson(Leela), Sarah Sutton(Nyssa), Nicola Bryant(Peri), Sophie Aldred(Ace), and India Fisher(Charley Pollard). In addition, Geoffrey Beevers, the Master from 1981, will voice the Master in this episode.

The geek in me has to share this list I put together for my son of the Doctors. I wanted to show him why most of the anniversary specials would either be novels or audio if they were to include the Doctors prior to the 9th.

Doctor # Actor Start Year End Year Age Then Age Now
1 William Hartnell 1963 1966 55 Deceased
2 Patrick Troughton 1966 1969 46 Deceased
3 Jon Pertwee 1970 1974 51 Deceased
4 Tom Baker 1974 1981 40 78
5 Peter Davison 1982 1984 31 61
6 Colin Baker 1984 1986 41 69
7 Sylvester McCoy 1987 1996 44 69
8 Paul McGann 1996 Unknown 38 53
9 Christopher Eccleston Unknown 2005 41(TV) 48
10 David Tennant 2005 2010 34 41
11 Matt Smith 2010 Present 28 30

T also received a few Doctor Who gifts for Christmas.  I got him the shirt he is wearing in the picture called 10th Doctor Costume Tee from ThinkGeek.  His aunt visited from England and gave him Doctor Who Mini Figure Set of 11 Doctors and the Doctor Who Time Lord Psychic Container.  He has a wish list a mile wide from the products at ThinkGeek.

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