Rainbow Magic Birthday Party Idea

11 Jan

Rainbow Magic PartyAs I try to get things hammered down for Suuki’s birthday this year, I realized that I really should share what we did last year.   They wanted a theme that was not really made from items you would find in your regular party store so I had to get creative.  They wanted a Rainbow Magic party.   The A.C Moore had a deal that for $50 and supplies, we could use their party room and they would clean up all the mess.  The party would transform the guests into their own style of fairy.

For those who don’t know, Rainbow Magic is a book series that comes in sets of 7 that are all written under the pen name, Daisy Meadows.   (Tip: To find the real author just look at the back of the title page for the “Special thanks to” and you will see the true author’s name.)  After learning one of our neighbors wrote one of the books, Suuki became a bit obsessed and collects as many of these books as they can.  We are fortunate that to have found many at the local library on sale as part of a “Fill-A-Bag” special for $2 a bag.

As the guests arrived, they received their pair of wings and had glittery eyeshadow applied which were bought at the Dollar Tree.   I sprayed their hair with glittered hairspray from Party City and topped their heads with wreaths that I made from silver garland from the clearance bin from Christmas items at the Dollar Tree.

Rainbow Magic WandCraft 1 – Magic Wand:

Supplies per child:

  • 1 Heart Shaped Wooden Wands
  • Opalescent Glitter
  • White School Glue
  • 2ft strand of Colored Ribbon – pink, purple, or aqua(I picked spools from the clearance bin)
  1.  Paint the heart end of the wand completely with the glue.
  2. Sprinkle the opalescent glitter all over the glue.
  3. Tie the ribbon at the middle around the base of the heart around the wand stick.

Craft 2 – Fairy Tutu:

Supplies per child:

  • 3 ft strand of Colored Ribbon – pink, purple, or aqua
  • 25 – 2 ft strips of 6″ Colored Tulle – it comes in 25 yard spools (We used Dark Rose, Wisteria, Aqua, and Purple)
  1. Fold the tulle strips in half and knot them around your ribbon strand.  You may alternate colors or do it all in one color.  It is really up to the wearer’s preference.
  2. When all the tulle is tied to the ribbon, tie onto the wearer using a traditional bow at the back.

rainbowmagicparty2Rainbow Magic Cupcake Toppers:


  • Small package of wooden cocktail forks
  • Wood glue
  • Color printer
  • Laminator (If you do not have access to a laminator then clear packing tape can work as a substitute.)
  • Print Paper
  1. Search and print pictures of the various rainbow magic fairies you wish to have on your cupcakes.  Great websites for this are Rainbow Magic and Rainbow Magic UK.  Paste them into MS Word making the graphics about 2 inches tall and print.  For standard box of cake mix you will need 24 fairies.
  2. Cut around the fairies leaving some of the white boarder.
  3. Laminate the fairies using the laminator.  If you are using packing tape, just place a piece or packing tape on either side of the fairy to laminate each inside the tape.
  4. Once again, cut around the fairy and leave some of the clear laminate around the edges.
  5. Glue one cocktail fork to the back of each laminated fairies.


  • Wilton Pearlized Silver Sugar Crystals Sprinkles
  • White cake mix
  • White frosting
  • Flowery cupcake cups
  • Rainbow Magic Cupcake Toppers
  1. Bake the cupcake according to the instructions on the package using the flowery cupcake cups in the pan.
  2. After the cupcakes are cool, frost them with the white frosting and sprinkle the silver sugar crystals all over the tops.
  3. Stick the fairies into the top of the cupcakes.
  4. They can be displayed on a cupcake tier platter.

rainbowmagicparty4Finishing Touches:

I used the same fairy images to print and glue to plain white paper bags to make goodie bags.  The plates, napkins, cups, and all other cute party accessories all came from Dollar Tree.  It seems the trend to have a meal at birthday parties right now.  Most have pizza but with Suuki being lactose intolerant that was not for us.   I simply bought 2 20-pience chicken McNugget boxes from McDonalds, a few cans of Pringles, and 2 cases of Caprisuns.

Note:  At the time of the party standard Caprisun products contained real sugar with the exception of their Roaring Waters line.  Sadly, in the last year, they have changed this to High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The  Caprisun Super V and Caprisun 100% Juice Blends are still all natural but my kids aren’t really found of most of the flavors, especially the Super V Apple.  At this time, I have yet to find an alternative that the kids like.   They hated Honest Kids juice after trying both the Super Punch and Tropical Tango Punch.

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