Homemade Advent Wreath

8 Dec

This is the first year that I have not taught kindergarten religious education for my church. For 2 years I taught the little ones and had a great time. The text that the church used was not really great on the kindergarten level so I would design my own program using many resources. My favorite site for information comes from a blog called Catholic Icing. Not only does she have a ton of great ideas but she has many downloads as well. Perhaps in another blog I will post all the religious education resources I used but this blog is really about how to make your own Advent Wreath.

This year my children are attending the family program that meets once a month rather than the weekly program I volunteered with last year and the year before. Part of their homework for the month of December was to make their own Advent Wreath to be on display at their house.

The supplies I used:

  • 4 LED Flameless Votive Candles – the only seem to come in white($1 for a 2-pack at the Dollar Tree)adevent1Advent2
  • 1 4-inch LED Flameless Candle – we bought off-white but you can use white as well($1 each at the Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Plastic Pine Wreath($1 each at the Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Package of permanent markers – make sure there purple & pink in the pack($1 for a 10-pack at the Dollar Tree)

1. Using a purple permanent marker color 3 of the votive candles purple. Then using the pink permanent marker color the remaining votive candle pink.

2. Lay the wreath in the middle of a table for display. Place the 4-inch candle in the center of the wreath. Place the 4 votive candles around the edges of the wreath so that they are squared with each other.

Our homemade Advent Wreath.

Our homemade Advent Wreath.

If you are looking for a craftier version of the Advent Wreath that children can do for a classroom activity, then head over to Catholic Icing.

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